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Traveling is a lifestyle
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Choose your travel style! Traveling is a lifestyle! We would love to help you plan your trip! Please do to hesitate to contact us. Here you can find a variety from our offer. Choose your travel style and send us an email or just call, we can plan the best trip you could imagine. We like to combine accommodations, food, and beverages with activities. Some of you want to travel further with us, some of you need a transfer but all we need is food, drinks, and shelter.

Do you feel like exploring the beauty of Croatia? Then it’s a perfect time for you to plan your trip, and we can definitely help. Here you can find a variety of our offers. We give you here a few examples of how to spend time and how fun it can be. For more information on your travel style or group preferences please do to hesitate to contact us.

We would love to help you plan your trip!

School _ Youth Groups | Plitvice Outdoor Croatia

School & Youth Groups

Enjoy spending time with your best friends from school. We can provide trips from one day to multi-day, from one region to another, following all safety standards as the highest priorities.

Rafting or kayaking for 3 days and hiking in the National Parks, camping all under supervisors, teachers, and guides.

Sports Clubs _ training | Plitvice Outdoor Croatia

Sports Clubs & Training

You train hard every day focusing on goals but sometimes even the best world athletes need a rest. Charging batteries in nature with easy activities as kayaking.

As a team you are out of the field, out of the hall surrounded by an unknown environment focus on completely different things, relaxing your mind ready for further goals before.

Team building | Plitvice Outdoor Croatia

Team Building

No one can whistle a symphony. It takes all orchestra to play it. We want to give you an awesome playground for your team or business partner.

Maybe many of the activities you haven’t tried but maybe your colleague is an expert and you don’t know it. How well do you know people from your company?

TRAVEL STYLE - Romantic Getaways | Plitvice Outdoor Croatia

Romantic Getaways

You watched a movie about how a man proposes to a woman under a waterfall, well we direct that movie.

It is impossible to say NO to a man with a rose and champagne standing on the waterfall, even if he is only offering you a glass of champagne.

Activities in Croatia | Jeep safari trip view point | Plitvice Outdoor Croatia

Single Traveler

We been traveling solo or with friends so it’s hard to decide what is better. This is not the reason you don’t go on a trip.

We” ll provide all services, you meet new people, learn about them, becoming good friends, it’s worth it. Join a group with the same mind travelers.

Private tailor made trips | Plitvice Outdoor Croatia

Private Custom Trips

There are so many things to see or do that we need to write a book, not an itinerary. 

We would like to provide you with an experience traveling from river to river, mountain to mountain, island to island, mixed with local cuisines, and customs.

Bachelor and b-ette party | Plitvice Outdoor Croatia

Bachelor & B-ette Party

Spend time with your best friends, colleagues far away from normal days, from photographers, celebrating “freedom” and how wild you are. 

Start with some kayaking, afternoon barbeque, beer or water, music, and dancing in the evening overnight in a tent or room. 


Movie & Photo Tours

We collect your facts, following photos or videos of places you been and you make this traveling force alive. Sometimes even the locals don’t know what jewel they have.

We know the Plitvice area as a pocket but also all Croatia, great spots on mainland, lakes, rivers, island, amazing views, storytelling places, and people.

Gift vouchers | Plitvice Outdoor Croatia

Gift Cards & Voucher

Everyone loves surprises, right? So we call it a gift for birthdays, wedding anniversaries, as a reward for hard work, sports goals, best mom and dad…

You want to surprise your siblings, families, friends, grandmother, or grandfather with rafting, kayaking, jeep safari this is the best memories they will share with you for decades. 

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