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Cycling Plitvice Area

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Active, Guided Tour
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Group Size
min 3 - max 14
Cycling Plitvice Area
Away from traffic, you can enjoy natural beauties, passing rolling hills, and villages to Barac Caves. Our country is a speleological El Dorado. Not many countries in the world have so many surfaces covered in karst. Over fifty percent of Croatian territory, even seventy percent if we include the undersea surface area, is made of limestone. According to the local legend, the caves were named after someone named Barać who defeated the furious Turkish giant on the battlefield and earned himself such honor. We know that there are three caves. We will visit the only one which is open to visitors. Visitors center SPLELEON has an Atrium with hyperrealistic animals with fossil remains of animals from the Ice Age, found in Baraceva Cave, which will take you back tens of thousands of years, to the time when lions, hyenas, woolly rhinoceroses, and other large animals lived in our area.

It is an amazing place with a great picnic spot plus clean fresh water. Be aware that it’s cold inside even in summer and you should bring a long sleeve. You will walk through big halls above the black pitch with a guided expert for this cave. On the way back during our cycling Plitvice Valley experience, the route will take you to Old Drežnik Town. So, there we visit the remains of the fortress and tower from 17ct. The tower stands on the canyon of Korana River and your route takes you for a few kilometers on a gravel trail. This Cycling Plitvice Valley route is a good combination of easy and moderate as you can always take shortcuts.
Departure / Return Location
Departure Time
Please arrive by 9:45 h for a departure at 10:00 h
Return Time
Approximately 15:00 h
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What to Bring? & What to wear?

What should I wear?

  • Appropriate clothing for the season
  • Shoes – you must be wearing shoes connected with your feet. “Flip flops” are not allowed.

Don’t forget to bring with you:

  • Sunscreen / sun lotion / body sun protection
  • Personal necessary medicine
  • Water bottle
  • Sandwiches / fruits / snacks and beverages
  • Camera / phone / camera
  • Sunglasses
  • Small backpack
  • ID and money

Cycling Plitvice Valley 


Children 12-18yrs




Grabovac village is the meeting and starting point.
Useful Information
Frequently asked questions
What is the minimum age?

The minimum age is 12 yrs, but to use bikes height and size need to be checked.

What should I wear and bring?

Money or credit card for cave tickets. Maybe also beer money, more for your lunch (next to bike rent is a grocery shop and restaurant, but also will be on your biking routes). The clothes you will ride in shorts, a sports top and flat trainers are ideal if you don’t have bike-specific clothes.

Do I need previous experience?

Well, to be honest, yes for cycling not for the route. You don’t need to be a champion but the average physical shape will be perfect for the trip.

I am traveling solo. Can I join others on a trip?

Yes, likely you will probably end up with some new friends to have a drink with after.

What if I’m running late?

Our meeting time is quite strict. We do our best to be as fast as possible when checking our guests in, so if you anticipate being late, please call us as early as possible to let us know. As a courtesy to our guests who arrive on time, we will wait no longer than 30 minutes for you (i.e. If you meet at 10:00, then we will wait until 10:30 am). If we do not hear from you and our messages are not returned, we will consider your reservation as a no-show and it will not be refunded or rescheduled. We understand of traffic and other issues so please communicate with us and if done so, we will do our best to reschedule you at a later time, day, or week, however, everything is subject to availability and there are no guarantees.

Do I need to bring my helmet?

We have a good range of helmet sizes

What sizes are bikes?
  • S-Small RIDER               155 – 165 cm / 5’1″ – 5’5″ 
  • S-Small INSEAM            74 – 78 cm / 27″ -31″
  • M-Medium RIDER               165 – 176 cm / 5’5″ – 5’9″
  • M-Medium INSEAM            79 – 83 cm / 31″ – 33″
  • L-Large RIDER               177 – 188 cm / 5’10” – 6’2″
  • L-Large INSEAM            84 – 89 cm / 33″ – 35″
  • XL -Extra Large RIDER               188 – 195 cm / 6’2″ – 6’5″
  • XL -Extra Large INSEAM            89 – 91 cm / 35″ – 36″
How big are the hills?

Not that big. The Plitvice area might be near the highest mountains, but the roads generally follow the valleys over some small rolling hills. Please do check map details.

How warm is the weather?

In the summer months in July and August expect 15 to 33 degrees.

In the spring months from April to July 7 to 25 degrees.

In September, October expects 12 to 25 degrees.

Can I bring beer or any alcohol on the trip?

For safety and liability reasons, no alcoholic beverages may be consumed on the trip or prior to our trips. Any participants who have consumed alcohol prior to the trip may not be allowed to subject to the discretion of the head guide. Abusive or drunken behavior that offends our staff or other participants will not be tolerated.

When is the best time to cycle in the Plitvice area?

April, May, June – September, and October provide the best warm-weather without mass tourism and traffic.  The best time to visit the mountain region is when it is sunny and not too hot. 

We like to say Croatia is the most beautiful during springtime; even February, March, October, November expose hidden games behind the forests. 

Can I get lost?

Our guides will be close by to assist you with directions and any issues during the trip. Also, they stop at every junction or intersection so you can see where to go.

Is there parking provided?

Yes, there is public parking in front of the resort.

Are there shops or restaurant?

Yes. We will stay close to the main roads where shops and restaurants are. At our meeting point, we have a restaurant and grocery shop, as well as a souvenir shop.

How do I pay?

You can either pay by bank transfer that needs to be cleared before your ride date or Paypal or you can pay cash on the day.  Paying with credit cards in shops, and cave entrances is accepted.