Why Travel through Croatia

Croatia today

Why Travel through Croatia? Today a small country with 4,1 million citizens enjoying a perfect Mediterranean, Mountain, and Continental climate, amazing history to tell, and nature to present. Croatia is a country with more than 1200 islands. It’s home to 8 National Parks, 12 Nature Parks, 1000 waterfalls, sea, mountains, lakes, ancient cities. All stretched in 700 km South to North and 500 km East to West.

Therefore, starting from Zagreb as the capital city with 800 000 citizens, Split has 200 000, Rijeka 250 000, Osijek 100 000. We can say that 2/3 of the population leaves in the town. The rest is nature perfect for exploring, local communities, remains from the past, flavors, tradition, and simply living life.

Hiking the Lakes around | Why Travel through Croatia | Plitvice Outdoor CroatiaCroatia deserves to be in the top cleanest countries

During my travels around the globe, I got to realize that Croatia definitely deserves to be in the top cleanest countries. Most important, Croatia lies next to one of the cleanest seas and costs on the planet. The East part of Croatia with its green fields and lush forest is a paradise for producing organic food. The middle of Croatia is surrounded by mountains and hills with so much fresh air. That even Brown bears, wolves, and other animals decide to live next to small villages hiding in the forest.

Why Travel through Croatia? Due to its forest and mountains in Middle Croatia, Lika and Gorski Kotar. Those are hiding the most beautiful waterfalls, lakes, limestone formations, animals, and plants.

Kayaking Mreznica water spray | Why Travel through Croatia | Plitvice Outdoor Croatia

Our playground

So, why travel through Croatia? Because it is our playground for outdoor activities. Amazed with 1000 waterfalls in National Park Plitvice Lakes, we decide to be part of it. Providing outdoor activities in its surroundings. Kayaking down waterfalls on the rivers, rafting down the river with a view on waterfalls, and cycling through local villages. Sightseeing communist architecture, reaching mountain peaks, or just walking and rowing in National Park Plitvice Lakes, that is how we roll.

Traveling around Croatia is very easy, good roads connect villages, highways, cities, and regions. Even countries, ferries islands, and coast, airports next to the most scenic places are good connected. Still, we have more to give you, to show you and we want to share with you. 

We are looking forward to being a provider of your next adventure.


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