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This is us!

We are Plitvice Outdoor, it is great to meet you! Whether you’re new to adventure travel, or you’ve never traveled in a group before, we are here for you. Sports and nature were always attracting us like gravity. We are Plitvice Outdoor and our passion for adventure activities and love towards nature is what takes us traveling and exploring the world collecting experience, skills, and inspirations. 

Sightseeing Beyond Plitvice | Plitvice Outdoor Adventure Agency

This is how we roll

It could be that we are romantic souls, dreamers or bohemians, nature lovers, adventurers, and outdoor enthusiasts, but most of our lives, we search for the best recipe on how to make humans and nature live in perfect harmony. In this long search that started in 2006, we developed skills to discover new ways for divine journeys up the mountains, down the rivers, around the lakes, through the forests, over the hills and meadows. Sometimes we go underground; sometimes we are above the waterfalls.

Mreznica kayaking waterfalls fun times | We are Plitvice Outdoor Croatia

We are Plitvice Outdoor and with first-class gear and equipment, everything is possible, and we make it possible for you. Your safety is our priority, whether you are on a one-day trip or a multi-day holiday. Enjoy your day biking over the rolling hills, paddling in pristine and clear waters, swimming and jumping from the waterfalls, hiking to the peaks, or go exploring the unknown, we will keep you safe.

We are looking forward to being a provider of your next adventure.


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