Why book with Plitvice Outdoor?

Here is why? 

The top 5 reasons to book with Plitvice Outdoor Adventure Agency are as follows. The company is run by really friendly staff who clearly feel a great sense of pride in their country. Whether you’re new to adventure travel, or you’ve never traveled in a group before, we are here for you. Sports and nature were always attracting us like gravity. Therefore, we aim to share our passion with our guests by offering an unforgettable experience. 


1.  Local vibe

Our passion for adventure activities and love towards nature is what takes us traveling and exploring the world collecting experience, skills, and inspirations. We believe in smaller groups, so people get to know each other better and have the feeling of a group of friends traveling together. 

Sunset Pljesivica Safari | Plitvice Outdoor Croatia

2. Travel Style

Choose your travel style! Traveling is a lifestyle! We would love to help you plan your trip! Please do to hesitate to contact us. Here you can find a variety from our offer. Choose your travel style and send us an email or just call, we can plan the best trip you could imagine. We like to combine accommodations, food, and beverages with activities.


3. Our Staff & Guides

Get outside with the guides and instructors from Plitvice Outdoor and you’ll recognize the difference. We focus on safety, education, and creating the space for you to take in all the magic of the wild places we explore. This is a company where the owners actually guide tours, make barbecues, and interact with guests sharing their passion for Croatia and active lifestyle.

Experiences | Plitvice Outdoor Croatia

4. Croatia & Active Lifestyle

What is so magical about an active vacation that makes it so irresistible? We are situated in Primislje in the heart of inland Croatia. It is heaven for adventure tourism and an active lifestyle. 


5. Unforgettable experience

Experiences in Croatia are a must-do thing! With first-class gear and equipment, everything is possible, and we make it possible for you. Your safety is our priority, whether you are on a one-day trip or a multi-day holiday. Enjoy your day biking over the rolling hills, paddling in pristine and clear waters, swimming and jumping from the waterfalls, hiking to the peaks, or go exploring the unknown, we will keep you safe.


Kayaking Mreznica Waterfalls | Plitvice Outdoor Croatia


The pleasure will be to broaden your views through experiences in Croatia with Plitvice Outdoor Adventure Agency. We are looking forward to being a provider for your next adventure. With our commitment and passion, we would like to make your experience unique. We’d love to show you why adventure traveling is the best mix of nature and natural wonders. Including the local cuisine and beverages, cultural heritage, and landscapes far away from mass tourism. So, there you have the top 5 reasons to book with us!

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