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Responsible Tourism

But what does it exactly mean?


Responsible tourism leaves a positive impact on the places we travel to. Travelers are increasingly aware of the need for an integrated, responsible approach to travel and tourism. Responsible travelers respect local people and the local environment in each place they visit.

But what exactly is responsible tourism? And should travelers seek ways to engage in responsible tourism? Responsible tourism optimizes the overall positive potential for tourism. It’s important for travelers to think through each aspect of their behavior and activities. The goal of responsible tourism is simply to lessen the negative impact, and find ways to increase the positive change tourism can bring to a region. We continually strive to ensure that the tourism brought to these areas benefits the local communities. By participating in any one of our trips you will bring much-needed work and income to the people who are still recovering from the war-torn years as this was an area severely affected by war.

Above all, we aim to minimize the environmental impact of all our activities. Plitvice Outdoor offers new perspectives to travelers by providing more authentic trips that allow a true experience of destinations and Croatia’s culture while contributing to the wellbeing of those areas.