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Wood paths | Tailored trip to Croatia | Plitvice Outdoor Croatia

Looking for a Tailored trip to Croatia?

Trying to get back on track with traveling? Looking for a Tailored trip to Croatia? Then it’s a perfect time.

View from Plesivica Mountain top | Why Travel through Croatia | Plitvice Outdoor Travel

Why Travel through Croatia

Croatia today Why Travel through Croatia? Today a small country with 4,1 million citizens enjoying a perfect Mediterranean, Mountain, and.

Whitewater Kayaking in Croatia | Plitvice Outdoor News & Blog

Whitewater Kayaking in Croatia

River Adventures  Experience Whitewater kayaking in Croatia! If you like adventure travel, waterfalls, and untouched nature join us & explore.

Postani pustolovni vodič | Kayaking Mreznica Waterfalls | Plitvice Outdoor Croatia

Postani pustolovni vodič u prirodi

Postani pustolovni vodič! Ukoliko voliš prirodu i aktivnosti, prijavi se na otvoreni natječaj za posao u Plitvice Outdoor Adventure agenciji!

Adventure travel in Croatia | Plitvice Outdoor News & Blog

Lifestyle: Whitewater Kayaking

What is Adventure Travel in Croatia? For us it is a way of life, it is our lifestyle. We live.

Plitvice Outdoor Kayaking in Croatia Season 2021

Kayaking in Croatia: summer 2021!

Thank you all! Thank you all for joining us kayaking in Croatia this summer 2021. Once more thank you for.

Zeljava air base | Brief history of Croatia | Plitvice Outdoor Croatia

A brief history of Croatia

Short recapitulation The title “A Brief History of Croatia” is maybe misleading, as Croatian history is turbulent and long. Therefore.

Hiking | Plitvice Outdoor Croatia

Getting prepped for your trip

How to travel around Croatia? What to see? You are slowly but surely getting prepped for your trip to Croatia..

Sightseeing Beyond sunset | Plitvice Outdoor Croatia

Why book with Plitvice Outdoor?

Here is why?  The top 5 reasons to book with Plitvice Outdoor Adventure Agency are as follows. The company is.

Jeep Safari Croatia | Plitvice Outdoor Adventure agency

Hello, We are Plitvice Outdoor

This is us! We are Plitvice Outdoor, it is great to meet you! Whether you’re new to adventure travel, or.