Kayaking in Croatia: summer 2021!

Thank you all!

Thank you all for joining us kayaking in Croatia this summer 2021. Once more thank you for all your reviews, and the kind words you shared with us via our social media.

We say that kayaking in Croatia is an essential form of adventure.  For all those looking for the true experience of untouched nature.  Rivers are all around us, so why not swim under a waterfall in clean and clear water on hot days.

Plitvice Outdoor Kayaking in Croatia Season 2021

What it’s all about?

It is all about the activities in Croatia! Make your visit fun and active, check out what experiences we offer! There are endless activities in Croatia to choose from. Rivers are all around us so why not be on hot days under the waterfall in clean and clear water. Rolling hills, caves, towers, canyons, villages are waiting to be explored on bicycles. Our mission is to share experience in a safe way either paddling on the rivers and lakes or hiking to peaks of mountains or hills.


Plitvice Outdoor Kayaking in Croatia Season 2021

Our best: Kayaking Mreznica Waterfalls

Beyond the main tourist attractions, hidden in a rural area, between Rastoke village and Plitvice Lakes National Park is the Mreznica River. In the canyon, dense forest covers the area, surrounded by cliffs where you can reach the waterfalls only by kayak. The source of the river is only 12 km upstream from civilization but it brings clean drinkable water. Surrounded by untouched nature, the easy rapids and calm waterfalls put this river on the world map, marking it the most beautiful river in Europe.

Its local name is actually “The waterfall playground”. During this activity, we make several stops which will give you the chance to jump off waterfalls from 1 meter high to 8 meters! For the less adventurous ones, you can swim behind the waterfalls, kayak over them, paddle behind them – the choice is yours. Somewhere halfway, we will make a short picnic break. So we definitely recommend bringing sandwiches or snacks, followed by swimming in the emerald green water. 

Plitvice Outdoor Kayaking in Croatia Season 2021

We had a blast with all of you! Hope to see you again 🙂

For all of you that didn’t join us this year and are reading this blog post about great kayaking in Croatia, we invite you to come next season! Join us and we will show you Croatia from our point of view. The local point of view!


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