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Where to Go? What to See?
Must do Activities

What to do? What to see? It is all about the activities in Croatia! Make your visit fun and active, check out what experiences we offer! The green forests and emerald blue waters are the best invitation to explore waterfalls by foot or kayaks, hills, and caves by bicycle, mountains, and tunnels by foot or ATV.  NP Plitvice Lakes very often called 16 pearls on Croatian neckless is the perfect outdoor place for walking or an easy hike. On the other side, mountain Pljesevica divides Croatia from Bosnia hiding remarkable communist architecture, inside and on the top of the mountain.

There are endless activities in Croatia to choose from. Rivers are all around us so why not be on hot days under the waterfall in clean and clear water. Rolling hills, caves, towers, canyons, villages are waiting to be explored on bicycles as you travel slow surrounded by green forest. Our mission is to share experience in a safe way either paddling on the rivers and lakes or hiking to peaks of mountains or hills.

Kayaking | Plitvice Outdoor Croatia

We say that kayaking in Croatia is an essential form of adventure.  For all those looking for the true experience of untouched nature.  Rivers are all around us, so why not swim under a waterfall in clean and clear water on hot days.

Rafting | Plitvice Outdoor Croatia

Rafting in Croatia is going to surprise you! It has a hidden attraction. We offer rafting activities when the water level allows us on all of these rivers. Starting with Mreznica, Korana, Zrmanja, Cetina, Una, Tara, and even Soca River.

Jeep Safari | Plitvice Outdoor Croatia
Our most diverse day trip in the Plitvice area… You’ll be amazed by the variety of natural wonders and stunning scenery as we share the iconic locations and best-kept secrets of the Plitvice area.
Cycling in Croatia | Plitvice Outdoor Croatia

When it comes to cycling, the Plitvice area is more than iconic. A large fleet of high-quality, mountain bikes are tuned and ready for exploring one of the 3 most interesting cycling routes.

Hiking | Plitvice Outdoor Croatia
Not so many places in the World deserve so many superlatives as the National Park Plitvice Lakes in Croatia. Our biggest and oldest national park consists of thousands of waterfalls, 16 lakes, caves, and the highest waterfall. 
Sightseeing | Plitvice Outdoor Croatia

Croatia is a great place for sightseeing and driving due to its interesting and famous dramatic coastline, canyons, lakes, and forest. There are a number of National Parks and nature sights to visit.

Fly fishing Gacka River | Plitvice Outdoor Croatia
Find out what fly fishing in Croatia is about. Get to know the best rivers and guides. The river is extremely rich in both flora and fauna keeping 25 plant species Algae, Bryophytes, and woody plants as well as rainbow trout.