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About Us

Our Introduction
Welcome to Plitvice Outdoor Croatia

What to say about us? Whether you’re new to adventure travel, or you’ve never traveled in a group before, we are here for you. Sports and nature were always attracting us like gravity.

Our passion for adventure activities and love towards nature is what takes us traveling and exploring the world collecting experience, skills, and inspirations. 

With first-class gear and equipment, everything is possible, and we make it possible for you. Your safety is our priority, whether you are on a one-day trip or a multi-day holiday. Enjoy your day biking over the rolling hills, paddling in pristine and clear waters, swimming and jumping from the waterfalls, hiking to the peaks, or go exploring the unknown, we will keep you safe.

Why Choose us?

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GUIDE - Luka Šimunjak | Meet our team | Plitvice Outdoor Croatia
Luka Simunjak
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GUIDE - Josip Jularic | Plitvice Outdoor Croatia
Josip Jularic
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Branimir guide | Plitvice Outdoor Croatia
Branimir Belinic
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About Us
Meet Our Team

Get outside with the guides and instructors from Plitvice Outdoor and you’ll recognize the difference. We focus on safety, education, and creating the space for you to take in all the magic of the wild places we explore.

Our Trip Leaders blend deep local knowledge, infinite talent, and skill. Therefore they put in their heart to make your active adventure a personal, enriching, joyously fun experience you’ll never forget. Meet our leaders below.

Guiding is certainly not the easiest job in the world, but it is one of the most rewarding. Most noteworthy is the provided purpose within a like-minded group of active adventurists daily working and adventuring.

If you think you might like to go rafting, kayaking every single day rather than once in a lifetime and it sounds pretty good to never wear anything other than board shorts and sandals, you might be in the right spot.

We are looking forward to being a provider of your next adventure.